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All natural products

We only use raw materials that we directly process, with particular attention to the origin and the supply chain: we do not use industrial and semi-finished products. We go directly to the source to make sure we have a product that is as natural as possible.

Craftsmanship and traditional recipes

Our products, from saut?ed to breading, from cutting vegetables to grinding meat, are made entirely by hand to respect the whole of the tradition. The culture of our grandmothers and our families, combined with bibliographic research, has allowed us to have a product faithful to the recipes of the Italian and Roman tradition.

Product customization

If you have a particular idea that is part of your context, we are ready to make it happen with you, doing tests and trials until your suggestion becomes your own personalized and exclusive product.


The king of Roman fried food

One of the oldest street food: the supplì of the Roman tradition.

Ours is not an industrial Supplì: risotto-style rice made, from roasting to adding tomato, through the classic process of a traditional risotto.

This is for all the recipes, starting from the classic “supplì al telefono” to get to the most lively flavors such as carbonara, amatriciana, cacio e pepe, up to the most whimsical ones like salmon and pomegranate.



Absolute simplicity

For our croquettes we chose to use the Avezzano potato, which is boiled, crushed, seasoned and then simply breaded, just like it used to be.

The simplicity of a traditional recipe that becomes excellence. We do not use the potato flakes, which for ease and yield is widespread among our competitors.


Roman tradition

Fillets, courgette flowers, broccoli, artichokes and apples, but not only: the Roman tradition, according to which every dish is better when fried, brought back to our products, prepared with the traditional artisan batter of the past.


Olive Ascolane

The right contaminations

All the culinary influences of central Italy which arrived in Rome, such as the mozzarella from Campania or the Ascoli olives from the Marche, are now part of all appetizers of our pizzerias; and we prepare them with selected products, such as selected Scottona meat.

Finger Food

For all tastes

The transformation of single-portion street food into a “mini” version, in order to share it with others.

A small format ideal for aperitifs, which allows you to try many more flavors together.

Our entire offer is also made in the finger food format.